Work Hardening:

Work Hardening is a highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized treatment program to prepare the participant to return to work. The program is a 4-8 hour program, based on need, and is interdisciplinary in nature. It addresses the physical, functional, vocational and behavioral needs of the patient. The individualized programs emphasize real and simulated work actions in a highly structured environment, while monitoring and building cardiovascular conditioning, general strength and flexibility.

Work hardening programs provide a transition from the acute care stage after the initial injury to return to work preparation while addressing the important issues of physical tolerances, productivity, safety and work behaviors.

The Work Hardening Program has been designed to address all types of discomfort which keeps a patient from returning to work. The program is intended to assist an injured worker who is deconditioned to return to the work force by increasing one's physical condition and proper use of posture and body mechanics relative to a specific job or the workforce in general.

In the Work Hardening Program, patients are provided with a physically proactive treatment plan. It will provide extensive training in the use of proper and safe body mechanics in the area of work activities. This will be based upon job analysis and simulations specific to the patient's job prospects. Psychological and vocational counseling support will be provided to help guide the patients emotional adjustment as they transition back to work.

Work Hardening Referral:

1. Script (signed, "Work Hardening" checked off, ICD-9 codes for diagnosis)

2. Face Sheet Information (Patient Information, Insurance Information).